Russian Provider Casts Doubt On Email Hacking Claims

Yesterday, Reuters reported that tens of hundreds of thousands of email addresses and account passwords had been stolen in an obvious information breach — but as is usually the case, there’s more to this story than meets the attention. Based on Motherboard, which spoke with each Hold Security (the corporate that obtained the data in query) and security knowledgeable Troy Hunt, it is not in any respect clear that the email providers have been hacked. The supplier claims that after doing a sample verify of the data, none of the email and password combos work. As all the time, it’s good to observe good password hygiene and change them up incessantly (and significantly, two-issue authentication!), but it is also value maintaining some perspective — if a company has large as Microsoft, Google or Yahoo was hit with an information breach affecting tens of millions of its clients, it will seemingly have made that information publicly accessible. This casts plenty of doubt on the legitimacy of the whole data set. Absent any firm confirmation from those firms — in addition to’s assertion — it seems most customers must be secure for the time being. Some of our stories include affiliate links. All products really helpful by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our father or mother company. If you buy something via one of these hyperlinks, we may earn an affiliate commission.
Comparing the health standing, (say) six months after the plan is obtainable, of those who selected to make use of it and those that didn’t will confound the impact of the plan with the early-adopter effect. We reveal that in observational studies the place the early-adopter effect exists, it’s troublesome to acquire an inexpensive estimate of the treatment impact (on the treated) when one solely considers a single treatment event. This brings us to the major contribution of this paper. In the single treatment occasion scenario, one’s solely choice is to find (sometimes static) consumer attributes that control for the early-adopter effect; in other words, what is it a couple of consumer that makes him or her an early adopter? However, we also present that the task is made significantly easier when one studies a sequence of similar treatments over an prolonged period of time. This could also be a tough or unimaginable activity if little or no knowledge (e.g., demographic data) is on the market on the users.
The strategies are offered and evaluated within the context of a detailed case-examine involving product updates (newer versions of the same product) from eBay, Inc. The customers in our study improve (or not) to a brand new model of the product at their own volition and timing. 10.5 million) in a targeted subset of eBay classes over an interval of one 12 months. We find that (a) naive causal estimates are vastly deceptive and (b) our technique, which is comparatively insensitive to modeling assumptions and exhibits good out-of-sample predictive validation, yields sensible causal estimates that provide eBay a stable foundation for resolution-making. Causal inference is a complex drawback with an extended history in statistics. POSTSUBSCRIPT ( 1 ), therefore the designation potential outcomes. This job is further difficult in observational studies. Unlike randomized controlled trials (Fisher, 1935), observational research are characterized by the fact that the experimenter isn’t accountable for the remedy project mechanism. A therapy event happens at some point in time, and knowledge are collected on topics earlier than and after the therapy.
A frequent person (many logged Product periods) can still have zero UAs logged. Our dataset incorporates eleven distinct Versions: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (so designated for confidentiality causes); the variations in boldface have been released during our 52-week window (the others have been legacy versions). Users who improve to a new model in its first weeks of availability are the ones who’re essentially the most energetic on common (measured in UA units): these are the early adopters. To find out if our case examine exhibits the early-adopter impact, we constructed the graph given in Figure 2, which exhibits the average UA per user per week for every individual model. Average UA per user declines as more and more late adopters join the ranks and upgrade to the most recent version. The UA sample from one model release to a different is kind of consistent and exhibits a similar decaying sample for every launch, thus confirming certainly one of our earlier assumptions and making it potential to borrow strength throughout releases.

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Mesh-TensorFlow (MTF) Shazeer et al. 2018) created a tensor parallelism framework on top of TensorFlow. Megatron-LM Shoeybi et al. More lately, GSPMD Xu et al. 2019) created a tensor-parallel implementation of GPT-2 and T5 primarily based on PyTorch, and added pipeline parallelism in later work Narayanan et al. Partitioning over sequence dimension for transformers was proposed in Li et al. 2021) carried out tensor parallelism as part of XLA compiler. GShard Lepikhin et al. 2020) carried out this idea in XLA compiler to prepare a 600 billion parameter mannequin. 2021) built upon this concept, forward each enter to only one skilled, and additional scaling the achievable model scale. The DeepSpeed project produced a line of labor that mixed plenty of large-mannequin coaching methods Rasley et al. Switch Transformers Fedus et al. 2020); Ren et al. 2020); Rajbhandari et al. 2021); Rajbhandari et al. 2021). This was centered around the ZeRO optimizer, which shards the optimizer states, gradients, and parameters across data-parallel units.
Recent years have seen an exponential improve in the dimensions of the state-of-the-artwork deep learning fashions, measured within the variety of trainable parameters, driven by the remark that bigger fashions obtain better generalization efficiency, in addition to demonstrating examples of zero-shot and few-shot generalization behaviors Brown et al. 2020). This pattern has spurred interest in programs-level options for giant mannequin training, because the mannequin sizes far outgrew the out there reminiscence capacity in state-of-the-art hardware accelerators. Such solutions encompass partitioning the mannequin parameters and different memory-consuming coaching state (gradients, optimizer states, activations) across units (model parallelism), as well as different reminiscence-saving strategies. Although the existing model parallelism options have been profitable in some purposes, there remains a necessity for a generic framework that can flexibly handle the total variety of doable use circumstances. It’s because the present options for the 2 forms of model parallelism, namely pipeline parallelism and tensor parallelism, are typically restricted either in the supported use circumstances, mannequin architectures, or framework APIs/features; or require a prohibitively giant effort to combine with a new coaching script.
With deep studying models quickly rising in dimension, methods-stage options for large-mannequin training are required. We present Amazon SageMaker model parallelism, a software program library that integrates with PyTorch, and allows straightforward coaching of massive models utilizing model parallelism and other reminiscence-saving options. In distinction to existing options, the implementation of the SageMaker library is far more generic and flexible, in that it could possibly robotically partition and run pipeline parallelism over arbitrary mannequin architectures with minimal code change, and also affords a basic and extensible framework for tensor parallelism, which helps a wider vary of use circumstances, and is modular enough to be easily utilized to new coaching scripts. The library also preserves the native PyTorch user expertise to a much bigger diploma, supporting module re-use and dynamic graphs, whereas giving the person full control over the details of the training step. We evaluate efficiency over GPT-3, RoBERTa, BERT, and neural collaborative filtering, and reveal competitive performance over current options.
The enter queue accommodates messages that signify the knowledge on what the task is, resembling which module needs to be executed, input tensors, whether ahead or backward execution is requested, and other metadata (see Appendix B for more particulars on message construction). IDLE state, and assigns the work to that thread. When the management is at the main thread, it queries the input queue. PENDING state), it launches a new thread, and assigns the module execution job to it. EXECUTING state since only thread may be active at a time. PENDING state, returning management to the principle thread. PENDING state, each corresponding to a distinct microbatch. Note that the usage of multiple Python threads is purely for the flexibility to simply context-change between microbatches, and not for actual parallelization of computation. 0, since it handles the highest-stage smp.step-execution requests. This rank creates two dedicated smp.step-execution requests for every microbatch (one for forward, one for backward cross) and assigns it to itself, which marks the start of the ahead or backward move of each microbatch.
2017) models, which demonstrates the efficiency of the library. We evaluate relevant literature in §2, present the design, overview, and the API of the library in §3, describe pipeline parallelism structure in §4 and tensor parallelism structure in §5, clarify the design of the communication backend in §6, and present the empirical results in §7. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. In recent times, there has been growing interest in mannequin parallelism and other massive model training options. The paper assumes a certain familiarity with model parallelism concepts reminiscent of pipeline parallelism, tensor parallelism, and microbatching. Among the first was GPipe Huang et al. 2019) and PipeDream Narayanan et al. 2019), the latter of which improves pipeline efficiency on the expense of elevated memory use because of storing a number of weight copies. 2018) and Narayanan et al. The works in Chen et al. TeraPipe Li et al. Another sort of model parallelism is tensor parallelism, where particular person operators or layers are partitioned.

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